CSNSW Sport COVID-19 update - 18 January 2021

Practical Guide For Sport And Physical Activity

Updated 18 January 2021

  • Interschool sport and physical activity can proceed. This means that schools and students may now travel outside their local community. This includes contact sports, semi-contact and non-contact sports can continue within the school sport program.
  • Zone carnivals (swimming, cross country, athletics), round robins and gala days involving more than one school, can proceed.
  • Selection trials for representative pathway events or school placement (e.g. sport high school enrolment) can proceed.
  • Schools can continue to use local external sporting grounds, swimming pools (including hydrotherapy pools), recreational facilities and community facilities where schools have exclusive use of the facilities or a designated area. This includes border school communities using interstate venues where border requirements permit. Please visit the relevant border authority to find out further information.
    • The NSW Government has asked that pool operators should close the pool and spectator area to the general public while a school carnival is taking place unless there is clear delineation across separate areas of the facility.
  • Bus or school transport to and from activities is permitted. Students should sanitise their hands before and after travelling on the bus. Where practical, schools are advised to negotiate with the bus company to implement cleaning protocols prior to student travel.
    • Please note, now students over the age of 12 and staff must comply with the Public Health (COVID-19 Mandatory Face Coverings) Order 2021 when travelling to and from school and during school excursions by public transport, or by chartered/private transport services. This applies to staff and students who reside or travel to and from Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains), Central Coast and Wollongong. Refer to the NSW Government website for more information on wearing face masks.
  • Spectators, including parents and carers, are not permitted within school grounds for events or activities held during school hours. Sporting events and activities held outside of the school site during school hours will need to follow the COVID-19 Safety Plan of the venue or organiser.
  • Staff supervising sport and physical activities should continue to practise physical distancing between staff and other adults.
  • Students from different schools are permitted to mix while participating in events, but mixing of students should be limited when not participating. Students participating in weekly sport and physical activities, including recreational activities, where possible, are to remain within their regular cohort to limit the mixing of students between cohort groups.
  • The use of public change rooms should be avoided wherever possible. On sports days, students should come to school wearing their sports uniform and appropriate footwear where possible.
  • Sharing of sporting and physical activity equipment, such as fitness equipment and weights, are permitted. Schools should follow safe health practice guidelines including cleaning of equipment at the end of each session.

Contact Tracing Requirements

For school sport and physical activities, as an alternative to providing the names and contact details of school children and teachers to local venue operators, schools can provide the details of one contact person at the school. This is considered preferable to providing venue operators with names and contact details for school children. Schools must retain a list of all students and staff participating in the event or activity for at least 28 days in accordance with contact tracing requirements.