NSWCCC Rugby League Selections


15 years Students must be 14 or 15 years of age as at 31st December in the year of competition.
18 years  Students must be 16,17 or 18 years of age as at 31st December in the year of competition.

Students must participate in Regional teams. Selections for these teams are done through your Diocese/Association.


Thursday 20th - Friday 21st May 2021


9.00am - 5.00pm


St Mary's Stadium
Forrester and Boronia Roads St Mary's


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Regional Selections

Sydney Independent Wednesday 24th March 2021
Western Wednesday 24th March 2021
Northern Country Wednesday 24th March 2021
Southern Country Wednesday 28th April 2021


NSWCCC District Rugby League Trials

Locations include -


To be confirmed

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NSW All Schools Girls Rugby League 


Friday 5 November 2021

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Of the teams competing in Pool A of the ASSRL Championships, NSWCCC has the smallest pool of students to draw from. Having fewer players to choose from places greater pressure on us to ensure the best possible team is selected. We need to ensure that our selection process is as accurate as it can be and ensure that as many students as possible who are capable of challenging for selection in our state teams, participate in our state selection trials. Each year there are a number of students who fail to gain selection in an association/diocese team who play representative rugby league and who are of similar ability to students who gain selection in our state squads.

The President’s team will provide an additional opportunity for students who do not gain selection in their Association/Diocesan team to participate in our State Selection Trials. This includes students:
who do not participate and are not selected due to illness/injury

  • who miss selection due to the strength of their association
  • who enrol in a CSNSW Sport affiliated school after their association/diocese team has been selected.
  • To provide further opportunity for talented students to participate in NSWCCC State Selection trials after not gaining selection in their association team
  • Expand the number of players (including those with representative experience) who are capable of gaining selection in a state team, an opportunity to participate in NSWCCC State Selection Trials.
Appointment of Team Officials
  • The NSWCCC Rugby League Executive shall appoint a Coach, Manager and Trainer for a 15’s and 18’s President’s team. If teachers cannot fill these positions then NRL staff will be invited to fill these positions.
  • These appointments will be made at the February executive meeting
  • The Coach shall have a minimum qualification of Level 1 Rugby League Coach, the trainer shall have a minimum qualification of Level 1 Sports Trainer (SMA/FAO).
Selection Panel

The Selection Panel will consist of the Team Coach, NSWCCC Coach and one member of the NSWCCC Executive.

Selection Procedure/Criteria
  • The convenor of each association is responsible for compiling a list of potential players via the NSWCCCRL Secretary. 
  • The NSWCCCRL Secretary will forward the information onto the selection panel and the NSWCCCRL Convenor
  • Once the President’s teams are selected the Team Coach/Manager is responsible for all communication between players. This includes the distribution, collection and retention of all paperwork.\
  • At the conclusion of each Association/Diocesan Selection Trial, the Association/Diocesan Convenor will distribute an information sheet to those players who did not gain selection, who they believe deserve further consideration for selection in the President’s team.
  • Only students who completed the online registration will be considered for selection.
  • After the closing date, the Selection Panel will meet/communicate to select a team of 20 players. In determining the composition of the team, the Selection Panel will take into consideration:
    - recent playing history of the student, including representative playing history
    - advice of Association/Diocesan Coaches
    - the skill level exhibited by the player
    - the performance of the player as a member of the team
    -  the fitness level exhibited by the player
    - the attitude and behavior of the player on and off the field
    - the balance of the final squad will also be considered in the final selection.

To be eligible for selection in a NSW Combined Catholic College’s President’s Team, a student MUST:

  • Be a student of CSNSW Sport affiliated School
  • Have the endorsement of the Principal of that Catholic School
  • Have participated in their Association/Diocesan selection trials unless exempt due to injury
  • Initially attended all selection trials for their association/ diocese (eg, MCS, MCC, SICC, Northern Country, Southern Country). If a player is not able to participate in their association’s trials due to Illness/injury prior to carnival or extenuating circumstances during or prior to carnival they must notify their Association/Diocesan Convenor in writing. This would include a medical certificate in the case of illness/injury and be authenticated by the student’s Principal.
  • Not have gained selection in their Association/Diocesan team.
  • Students selected as shadow players for an association team may be selected in the President’s team. If required shadow players can be called into an association team in the event of a player withdrawing and the shadow player, if called upon, must play in his association team. It is then up to the staff of the President’s team to replace that player.
  • A player’s Association/Diocesan team has the right to call them into their team if the player is selected in the President’s team, at any time prior to the day preceding the NSWCCC State Selection Trials. A student must accept the position in their Association/Diocesan team should it arise (and pay all levies) or they will forfeit their right to participate in the State Selection Trials.
Team Preparation

Due to the late selection of the team and the potential for players to come from city and country areas, a training session will be organised on the Thursday afternoon prior to the State Selection Trials. This is consistent with the preparation for Northern Country and Southern Country teams.

Australian Rugby League Championships

Friday 25th June -  Friday 2nd July 2021
Dolphin Oval
Klingner and Ashmole Road Redcliffe QLD



22 - 24 June 2021

St Marys Rugby League Stadium

Students go into camp on Monday 21 June at St Marys. 


NSWCCC Team Training

Saturday 12 June 2021 Parramatta Marist 10am - 4pm
Sunday 13 June 2021 Parramatta Marist 10am - 4pm
Saturday 19 June 2021  Parramatta Marist 10am - 2pm
Sunday 20 June 2021 Parramatta Marist        10am - 2pm

Monday 21 June 2021    Captains Run, Workshops, Check into accommodation 

Country Camp

All registrations are now done online via the website.  Only Sports Coordinators are able to complete this registration. Please do not complete the Student Names section. The following documents needed for completion can be found in Staff Documents (Match Result Sheet, Sign on Sheet, Statutory Declaration, Risk Assessment)

Closing Date

Friday 19th February 2021


Sydney Metropolitan (Balmain, Manly, North Sydney, Souths, Easts, Cronulla, St George):
Sydney (Penrith, Parramatta, Canterbury, Wests): Tim White
Northern: David Koch
Southern: Stephen Hooper

CCC Cup and Plate Finals 

Wednesday 18th August 2021
Kingsway Rugby League Fields, The Kingsway Werrington


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