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NSWCCC Baseball Selections


Minimum age:  15 years as at 31st December in the year of competition


Wednesday 3rd March 2021


8.00am - 3.00pm

First game will commence at 9.00am


Blacktown International Sportspark
Eastern Road Rooty Hill

Closing Date

Friday 26th February 2021



What to Bring
  • Appropriate protective gear for game conditions
  • Medication eg Asthma inhaler
  • Strapping tape
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch

Scott Murray, St Edward's College Gosford
Email:  smurray@stedwards.nsw.edu.au

Further Representation

A NSWCCC team will be selected to attend the NSW All Schools Baseball Championships.

For more details see the 'Further Representation' tab above. 

By Attending this selection, you will be available for selection in teams in the next levels of the pathway. 

Rules and Guidelines

Talent Assessment Drills

Pre-scrimmage games will follow Talent Assessment Drills. Students will be assessed based on online position nominations.

Team Size

Individual Entries. Students will be assigned a team to trial with.

Duration of Games

Games shall be played for a duration of 1 hour and 40mins. No new innings is to commence with less than ten minutes to go before the final finishing time. In the event that the home team is in the middle of the innings at time, and behind on the scoreboard after the scheduled duration, the game will be terminated.
A maximum of seven innings shall be played.

Regulation Game

If a game is terminated by the Umpire on account of the weather, darkness or any other cause, then this will be a regulation game only:

(i) If at least two innings have been played, or
(ii) If at least one half of play time has taken place and at least one innings is completed.

If The Home team is behind at the time the game is terminated, then the game score will revert back to the end of the last completed innings. If the Home team is ahead when the game is terminated, then the score at that time will be the final score.

Tied Games

If a game is tied at the end of the completed time, or at the completion of seven innings, then no further play will take place and both teams will be awarded half a win.

Abandoned Games

It is an abandoned game when the umpire terminates play on account of darkness, weather or any other cause which makes it impossible for further play in the game, and where less than two innings have been completed by each team or less than one half of playtime has been completed. Abandoned games are not taken into consideration in determining a team’s final percentage when deciding positions.

Weather Interference

(i) The number of games scheduled to be played may be reduced where weather or other conditions prevent the completion of the program within the time available.
(ii) When a number of games are abandoned during a championship, then the games shall be re-scheduled (if possible) so that each team play as near as possible an equal number of games.

Order of Benches and Batting

The FIRST NAMED team in the official schedule of games will be regarded as the HOME TEAM, field first and occupy the THIRD BASE dugout or bench.

Pitching Restrictions

A pitcher’s game contribution will be classified as:

  • major
  • substantial OR
  • minor
    according to the rules below

(i) The word assignment means that each game in which a player pitches is considered one (1) assignment.
(ii) No pitcher may throw more than 100 pitches for the day.
(a) Under 18 players are limited to 100 pitches.
(b) Under 16 players are limited to 90 pitches.

(iii) Major Assignment- More than 75 pitches; Substantial Assignment- 31 – 75 pitches; Minor Assignment- Less than 30 pitches
(a) A pitcher may complete the hitter in which his 100th pitch (U18) or 90th pitch (U16) will be obtained.
(iv) Any pitcher who has pitched a major assignment may only be used as a designated hitter, pinch hitter or pinch runner on the day of that assignment.
(v) A pitcher who throws one substantial assignment may enter the next game as a fielder but not pitch again.
(vi) A pitcher may throw two minor assignments in one day. Throwing one pitch in a game will be considered an assignment.
(vii) If a pitcher throws in excess of the maximum allowance then the pitches will not be credited against the batter at the plate. The umpire will then have the responsibility of asking the coach to remove the player from the mound. Failure to do so will result in both the coach and pitcher being ejected from the game.
(viii) No pitcher may play catcher following a major or substantial assignment on that day or play both pitcher and catcher in the same game.
(ix) Each team is to provide scorers for each game who shall inform the managers when there are ten pitches to go at the end of each assignment and the umpire when there are ten pitches to go at the end of a major assignment.
(x) Scorers are to maintain pitch counts for all players occupying a position on the mound. Failure to produce a pitch count for players who have already pitched in a previous game will incur the following penalty:
(a) The pitcher will be deemed to have pitched a major assignment already in the carnival and will be removed from the mound;
(b) Should a team use a pitcher intentionally following a major assignment then that team will be deemed to have used an illegal player and will forfeit the game.

Pitcher Re-entry

(i) A fielder may be replaced during an innings in order to warm up to start pitching the next innings.
(ii) The replacement player must not have already been used in the game, and will replace the current pitcher in the batting line up, if a designated hitter is not being used.
(iii) The current pitcher may take his next at bat, provided it occurs before the next time he is due to field.
(iv) The fielder who was replaced must start pitching the next innings or he may not take any further part in the game.
(v) The current pitcher may remain in the game as a fielder, depending upon his assignment. In this case both the replacement player and the designated hitter may take no further part in the game.
(vi) If the pitcher is not replaced at the start of the next innings then the replacement is a normal substitution for the fielder. That is, he will take the fielder’s place in batting line up.

Speed up Rules

(i) Courtesy runner for catchers and pitchers may be provided at any time, but with two out or one out and double play situations, they must be provided. This runner may be any member of the playing squad.
(ii) Sixty (60) seconds between innings. Maximum of five (5) warm up pitches.

Designated Hitter

The designed hitter rule may be used in the championship.

Reported Players/Coaches

Should any player or manager be ordered from the game by an umpire for any misdemeanor, the player or coach concerned will appear before a tribunal consisting of the CCC Convener, the CCC Coach, CCC Manager and any other member nominated by the CCC Convener.

Selection Panel

The panel to select the NSWCCC representative team will consist of:
NSWCCC Asst. Coach/Manager
NSWCCC Selector


(i) Managers and coaches of competing teams will hold a meeting prior to the commencement of the Championships (approx. 7:45AM)
(ii) The Umpires Co-Coordinator and all umpires will hold a meeting prior to the commencement of the Championships (approx. 8AM)
(iii) The CCC Convener shall act as chairperson. Other interested parties may be invited to attend the meeting and join in discussions subject
to the chairperson’s approval, but only team managers and CCC representatives will have the power to vote on any matter requiring a decision.
The Chairperson has a casting vote should equal votes be received
(iv) Attendance is compulsory. Result sheets will be made available at this meeting.

Equipment and Attire

(i) Balls must be standard type approved by the NSW Baseball.
(ii) Balls will be supplied by the NSWCCC.
(iii) It is compulsory for double earflap batting helmets to be worn by both batters and base runners.
(iv) All players must wear a protective cup.
(v) Catchers mask have a throat guard attachment

First Aid

First aid facilities will be provided and is available to all players and spectators. These facilities will be located next to the canteen facilities.

Blood Bin Rule

(i) The Blood Bin Rule will be used in this tournament.
(ii) Players who are injured and who require treatment to stem the flow of any bodily fluids may leave the game without penalty. If on base a courtesy runner may be used until replaced by the original player.
(iii) If at bat the player may obtain treatment and if unable to be treated within a reasonable period of time the player may be replaced and the batting shall continue with the count applied to a courtesy batter (the player if removed for treatment shall not bat until their turn in the line up again arrives).
(iv) If in the field a courtesy fielder may be replaced while treatment is applied. (ALL SOILED CLOTHING MUST BE REPLACED).
(v) Players who after treatment are unable to return into the game at the completion of three (3) further innings shall be replaced. (NO EJECTED PLAYER MAY BE USED AS A REPLACEMENT PLAYER). If a team has no further reserves, a person who has left the game may be used.


All players, coaching staff and supervising staff are required to be in attendance for the duration of the event. No student is to leave until the NSWCCC team is announced.

Fixtures and Results

NSW All Schools Merit Team Selection

Stephen Courtney - Parramatta Marist High, Westmead

Tyler Spiteri - Marian Catholic College, Kenthurst

Van lister - St Patrick's College, Sutherland

Spencer Williams - Bede Polding College, South Windsor

Blake Gooding - Aquinas College, Menai

NSW All Schools Selections


8:30am - 6pm

Baseball Park
Hylton Moore 7
Newcastle Street, Springfield  2250

School Sport Australia Championships

Sunday 22nd August - Saturday 28th August 2021
Lismore NSW

All 2021 School Sport Australia and Interstate Exchnages have been cancelled.


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