Multi Class Video -
What is Multi Class ? An Introduction

Multi-class is the format used to create meaningful competition, for athletes and swimmers with a disability, from multiple classification impairment categories. Multi-class events are held in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming, with some minor modifications to the rules and regulations, where necessary. 


Multi-class events are designed for athletes and swimmers with a disability.

To compete in multi-class events, competitors must have a current, eligible classification of either a provisional, national, international or review status. 


In multi-class events, competitors with a disability compete against one another, with each athlete or swimmer’s result being compared to the world record or a set standard for their specific disability. The performance closest to the relevant record/ standard, wins.

The winner of a multi-class event is not always the competitor who throws the furthest, crosses the line first or touches the wall before others, but the one who posts the time/distance closest to the World Record or set standard for their impairment classification category.

Multi-class events are held at all Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming championships, with each sport having a specific scoring system to determine results.


MCPS Swimming video transcript (DOCX 23KB)

In Swimming, multi-class results are determined using the Multi Class Point Score (MCPS).

In this system, an athlete’s time is compared to the world record (or similar) for their specific disability and event, to create a score.

Results and overall placings are determined by using the scores achieved. The competitor with the greatest score wins.

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