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NSWCCC Softball Selections


To be eligible for NSW All Schools, girls and boys must be 17 years and under as at 30th June in the year of competition
Students in Year 7 are not eligible.


Monday 24th February 2020


International Peace Park, Jean Street Seven Hills

Closing Date

Friday 7th February 2020



What to Bring
  • No metal cleats
  • Each player must supply their own bats, gloves and catchers equipment, including a catchers helmet and throat protector and batting helmet.
  • Each player will be provided with a number playing shirt.  Players to wear their own playing pants.
  • Medication e.g. asthma inhaler
  • Any preventative taping is the responsibility of the individual player
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen

Canteen facilities are available


Peter Garty, St Paul's College West Kempsey
Email:  peter.garty@lism.catholic.edu.au

Specific Rules
  1. All conventional rules of play from the Softball Australia Playing Rules and will apply to today’s event.
  2. The team appearing first in the draw will be the home side, will field first (ie no toss) and should occupy the 1st base dugout.
  3. Speed between change of innings will be of the essence. This will include relieving the catcher on base after two outs.
  4. Match points will be awarded as follows: Win – 3 Draw – 2 Loss – 1
  5. If teams are level on points at the end of their rounds, the competition will be determined on countback, firstly on a head-to-head basis, then on runs scored against.
  6. Batting will be listed in alphabetical order and players bat that way every game. Whoever was next to bat at the end of a particular gameleads off in the next one.
  7. The "side away" rule will operate for 6 runs across plate.
  8. The "3 out side away" rule will operate, however teams will be allowed to bat through their entire roster. Fielding changes may be made at any change of innings.
  9. Any further points of relevance will be pointed out prior to the tournament and/or by plate umpires before each game.
Team Selection

One (1) team of 12 girls and one (1) team of 12 boys will be selected at this carnival to trial for the NSW All Schools Team Softball teams to compete in School Sport Australia Championships. The convener must send to the NSWCCC Executive officer a fully completed team list including shadows on the day following the carnival.

Event Officials

Three selectors (CCC Coach/selector, CCC Manager). At least one (1) qualified umpire per diamond, Carnival Manager.

Competition Area

Only participating players and officials are permitted to be in the competition area.
Parents and spectators are to remain outside the fence line of the playing area at all times.


Equipment shall comply with the rules of the ASF.


Program of Events

(Subject to possible variation)

7.45am Team Managers Meeting/ Officials Meeting
8.00am Selectors Meeting/Team warm up under supervision of individual team management
8.30 – 9.35am Game 1
9.45 – 10.50am Game 2

Break - 15 minutes

11.05am – 12.10pm Game 3
12.20 – 1.25pm Game 4

Break - 15 minutes

1.40 - 2.45pm Game 5
3.00 - 4.05pm Possible vs Probables/or Game 6 if required
4.20pm Presentation

NSW All Schools Selections

Monday 9th March 2020 (Girls)
Tuesday 10th March 2020  (Boys)

NEW VENUE:   International Peace Park, Jean Street Seven Hills

School Sport Australia Championships

Saturday 9th - Saturday 16th May 2020
Perth WA


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