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NSWCCC Touch Championships


15 years Must not turn 16 in the year of competition
Opens Must not turn 19 in the year of competition
Age is taken as at 31st December in the year of competition


Any player selected to represent NSWCCC in Under 18’s CANNOT then pull out to play for a regional team or NSW Touch Development Team. If they pull out of the NSWCCC side, they are no longer eligible to play in the National Youth Tournament for any other team. This will be enforced by the Australian Touch Association


Wednesday 31st March 2021


8.30am - 3.30pm


Tomaree Sports Complex
20 Aquatic Close Nelson Bay

What to Bring

All players are to bring the following:-

  • Appropriate personal protective gear for game conditions
  • Medication e.g. asthma inhaler
  • Any preventative taping is the responsibility of the individual player
  • Bring own water bottle and lunch

A canteen will be available


Qualified referees will be allocated for all games. All referees must attend the Referees meeting at 8.15am for game allocation..

All non-student referees will be paid $150.00 for their attendance depending on their qualifications.


Team Managers will not be provided with lunches.

NSWCCC Representative Teams

The NSWCCC Representative Teams will be selected in each division. To assist in the selection do not change shirts during the day. A total of 14 players will be selected in each representative team.

  • 15 years Boys
  • 15 years Girls
  • Open Boys
  • Open Girls


NSWCCC Touch Convener, Craig Beacroft
Email: CBeacroft2@parra.catholic.edu.au

Team Size

12 players


All playing rules of the ATA will be played unless otherwise stated.
For this championship, teams will be SIX players per side.


Games will be centrally timed.


All games played in the Round Robin Series will be of 20 minutes turnaround format with no half time break. Turnaround, is when teams change ends after each touchdown. Finals will extend to 20 minutes turnaround.
If after 5 minutes one of the teams has not taken the field, a forfeit will be awarded to the opposition. A five (5) Nil (0) score line will be awarded to the non-offending team. The game still needs to be played if a forfeit has been claimed.

Semi Finals

The top two teams in each pool will advance to the semi-finals with the first team from group A playing the second team from group B and the top team from group B playing the second team from group A.
However, if any teams finish level on competition points at the conclusion of the Round Robin Series, `For and Against’ will determine the outcome. For and Against is calculated by touch downs `scored against’ from touchdowns `scored for’. The team with the better result will receive the higher position. If both teams are equal on for and against the winner of the match between the two sides will proceed to the semis. If that game was a draw then a toss of the coin will be used.
In the case of pools where not ALL sides have the bye or not all sides play the same number of games then if the team that plays the most games ties for 2nd, the team to progress will be the winner of the round games between these 2 teams. If this result was a draw then ‘for and against’ percentages will be used. If these are still equal there will be a toss of a coin.


Draws in the Round Robin series will be awarded two points (see competition points).

Competition Points

Points for the Round Robin series will be:-
Three Points Win
Three Points Bye
Two Points Draw
One Point Loss
No Points Forfeit

Drop off Procedure

In the event of a drawn game in which a result is required (semis and finals), a Drop Off situation will be utilised to decide a winner.

ATA RULES The Drop Off Procedure

  1. When the match is drawn at the expiration of full time, the referee will wait until the ball is dead, halt play, then signal to each team to reduce their playing strength by one player to five (5) on field players. Teams do not have a break or leave the field instead they immediately take up a position as for the restart of play.
  2. As soon as each team removes a player, the game continues with a tap from the centre of the halfway line by the team who won the toss at the commencement of the game. Substitution of players is permitted at any time as per the normal interchange rules.
  3. At the conclusion of two minutes of extra time, a hooter is sounded and the referee will stop play at the next touch or dead ball. Each team will drop off one player thus reducing its on field strength to four (4) players.
  4. Play will recommence immediately after the players have left the field at the same point in the play where it was halted; (i.e. the team retaining possession at the designated number of touches, or a change of possession due to some infringement or it being the sixth touch).
  5. The clock does not stop when the hooter sounds at the two minute intervals, as there is no time off during the Drop Off.
  6. At each subsequent two-minute period a signal for another player to drop off will be sounded.
  7. Once the teams have been reduced to only three players each, no further drop off of players will occur, and the match will continue until a touchdown is scored. Should a player be sent off for the remainder of the match when teams have only three players each, the offending team will forfeit, and lose the match.
  8. During the Drop Off, before a winner can be declared, both teams must have had possession. If a team scores before their opponents have had possession, the touchdown counts and the match commences as per normal after a touchdown is awarded. Once possession is lost the winner is then confirmed.
  9. The decision on which player will drop off is entirely up to the team management.
  10. A player/team wasting time at a drop off will be penalised at the mark for recommencement of the match.
Players Note
  1. During the original game, if a player has been sent from the field of play for the remainder of the game, that player cannot participate in the drop off.
  2. A team that had a player (or players) dismissed from the field for the remainder of the game will commence the Drop Off with the same number of players they finished the game with. At the drop off time, each team will reduce their playing strength as per the rules, thus ensuring the one team will have player advantage as per in the game. Once a team reaches only three players, no further drop off of players will occur.
  3. Injured players can be replaced at any time.
  4. Substitutions can be made at any time as per normal playing rules.
  5. Any player sent off the field for misconduct will incur and automatic 1 match suspension. No indecent language or abuse will be tolerated at this tournament by referees or officials.
NSWCCC Representative Teams

The NSWCCC Representative Teams will be selected in each division. To assist in the selection do not change shirts during the day. A total of 14 players will be selected in each representative team.

  • 15 years Boys
  • 15 years Girls
  • Open Boys
  • Open Girls

8:00 am Selectors’ Meeting at Clubhouse
8:15 am Managers’ and Referees’ meeting in Referees Room
8.30am Welcome
9:00 am Commencement of Round Games
2:00 pm Semi Finals
2:40 pm Finals and last round games
3:25 pm Presentation and announcement of NSWCCC teams


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