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NSWCCC Golf Selections


Students must be 18 years and under in the year of competition


Monday 30th March 2020


Macquarie Links Golf Club, 23 Macquarie Links Drive Macquarie Links

Closing Date

Wednesday 18th March 2020



What to Wear

Dress regulations of the host club apply at all times. Collared shirts to be worn. No board shorts, thongs or singlets. Metal spikes are not allowed.


Lionel Conroy, John Paul College Coffs Harbour
Email:  lconroy@lism.catholic.edu.au

Rules and Guidelines

Handicap Limits

Boys Limit is 15 or less
Girls Limit is 32 or less

Form of Play

The Championships shall be 18 holes Strokeplay for boys and girls
All play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf, Published Local Rules of the Host Club and conditions of play as specified.
All play will be from blue tees (boys only) and red tees (girls only)

Fixtures and Results

Further Representation

NSW All Schools Strokeplay Championships

A team of 6 x Boys and 6 x Girls (CCC, CHS and CIS) will be selected at the NSW All Schools Championships (Strokeplay and Matchplay), to represent NSW All Schools at the Schools Sport Australia Championships at Bellarine Peninsula VIC in August 2020.

Following the 54 hole Strokeplay Championships, the leading 16 x Boys and 16 x Girls will contest the NSW All Schools Matchplay Championships. Players who qualify for matchplay will be expected to be there for the two days as it is NOT a Knockout competition.

Strokeplay Championships (54 Holes)
Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th June 2020
Batesman Bay

Matchplay Championships
Thursday 25th - Friday 26th June 2020
Batesman Bay

School Sport Australia Championships

Sunday 26th - Friday 28th August 2020, Bellarine Peninsula VIC


School Based Competitions

Tab 7 Heading

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