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NSWCCC Football Championships


Boys - 19 years and under in the year of competition
Girls - 18 years and under in the year of competition


Tuesday 2nd - Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Valentine Park, 235-257 Meurants Lane Glenwood

Closing Date


What to Bring
  • Appropriate gear for game conditions 
  • Medication eg Asthma inhaler
  • Strapping tape
  • Playing Shirts will be provided by their Dioceses/Association
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch

NSWCCC 16 years Boys Football Selections


Players must be 16 years and under in the year of competition


All nominations will be reviewed and 66 players will be invited to attend a trial for the NSWCCC 16 years and under team that will compete at the NSW All Schools Championships. When a player registers online, this will NOT mean they will not automatically be invited to attend the CCC Selections.  Players will be notified via the website it they have been selected to attend.


Wednesday 27th May 2020


Kareela Oval, Bates Drive (Synthetic Pitch) Kirrawee

Closing Date

Tuesday 19th May 2020



What to Bring
  • Appropriate gear for game conditions
  • Numbered playing shirt
  • Medication eg Asthma inhaler
  • Strapping tape
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch
Open Championships Rules
  1. Referee’s decision in matches is final as per FIFA directives
  2. Players receiving a red card are automatically suspended from the next game
  3. Players receiving THREE yellow cards during the course of the day are automatically suspended from the next match
  4. Disputes are to be brought to the attention of the Disputes Committee. The decision of the Committee is final in all matters relating to the running and results of the tournament
  5. The points for each match are as follows:
    3 points for a win
    2 points for a score draw
    1 point for a scoreless draw
    0 points for a loss
  6. Should teams be equal at the end of the day on points the following order is applied:
    (i) Goal difference
    (ii) Goals for
    (iii) If they have played, the result in the round
    (iv) Toss of the coin by Convener
  7. Result cards are to be collected and returned to the assistants in the central area at the completion of each game.
  8. All games will 2 x 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time break.
  9. Games will commence and end on the hooter. Referees whistle will commence game. Players must be ready to commence
    matches promptly. Team Managers please assist with this process. There is no forfeit time.
  10. The teams have been placed into two pools. The draw and rounds were randomly selected
Program of Events/Draw - Open Championships

Still to come

Program of Events - 16 years Selections

The selections will consist of skill sessions and games.

8.30am Registration Opens fields Open for Warm Ups
9.00am Welcome
9.05am Selection Procedure explanation
Students move in allocated groups to Skills Drills
9.15am - 10.45am Skills / Drills Session
11.00am -11.35am Game 1
11.40am - 12.15pm Game 2
12.20pm - 12.55pm Game 3

Pack up of field 2
1.00pm Announcement of Possibles vs Possible Squad
1.15pm 2 x 20 min Halves for final selection
2.15pm Announcement of Team

NSW All Schools Football Selections

Monday 22nd - Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Valentine Park Glenwood NSW

School Sport Australia Football Championships

Saturday 12th - Friday 18th September 2020
Valentine Park Glenwood NSW


Still to come

NSWCCC Knockout Football Competition

The winner of each Diocesan/Association gala day or weekly competition will be the school that moves on to Round 2.
Schools must register on the NSWCCC website by the "Completion of Round One" date. Schools who have not registered may be excluded from the competition.


Open Boys, Year 7-10 Boys, Open Girls, Year 7-9 Girls


The competition is to be a Knockout Competition
Round 1 Dioceses/Associations to hld competitions to determine their winning school
Round 2 Country schools are the home team
Quarter Final Country school is the home team
Semi Final Four qualifiers played at a Sydney venue
Final Sydney venue

The winner of the Open CCC Knockout then plays winner of CIS and CHS Knockout Competitions in the All Schools Challenge Cup

Open Girls
Open Boys
Years 7-10 Boys
Years 7-9 Girls


Each game will be 30 minutes each way; 5 minutes for half-time.
If the game is drawn at full time, 10 minutes each way extra time is to be played (with no break).
The team to score first in that extra time will be declared the winner. If the game is still drawn after extra time, then the FIFA penalty kick system will operate – 5 alternate penalties with different players, etc. then sudden death.
Kick off time is by mutual agreement between the two schools. The kick off time must be no later than 3.00pm unless a flood lit ground is provided. This is necessary to allow for extra time and penalties in case of a draw at full time.
Foreit time is 15 minutes. If a team is playing ‘under protest” this should, if possible, recorded on the team sheet prior to the match.
The match must be played regardless of whether or not there is a protest.
Protests regarding match results must be made within 24 hours to the NSWCCC Executive Officer
Size of the ball to be used: No. 5 ball.
It is the responsibility of the home team to supply qualified referee and two qualified linesmen.
Fields must be the correct size, fully marked with flags and nets. The home team is responsible for this.

Game Sheets

It will be the responsibility of the home team to make sure the team sheets are correctly filled in and handed to the Referee prior to the game. All the players’ names must be listed and with the coach’s signature affirming their enrolments as students of the school. Both teams must complete a team sheet. This must forward to the Executive Officer by fax/email within three days of the match or the match will be declared a draw

Alternate Strip

The home team will provide an alternate strip in the event of a colour clash. The Committee advises that opponent schools should consult one another re playing strip before the day of the match.

First Aid

The home team must provide First Aid at their own cost

Quarter Finals

The organisation of the Quarter-finals is the responsibility of the country home team

Semi Finals and Finals

The organisation of the Semi-finals and Final will be the responsibility of the NSWCCC Football Convener


A maximum of five (5) substitutes may be used under the unlimited interchange rule. The Referee must be notified of any substitution.
Players sent off by the referee may not be replaced.

Penalties and Disputes

Any player who is dismissed from the field by the Referee will be ineligible to play in the following match. Other action outside the competition is at the discretion of the Area Convener. If necessary, the NSWCCC Executive will consider any further action. Any player who receives three (3) Yellow Cards during the competition will be ineligible to play in the following match.


To be forwarded by email, within three (3) days of the completion of a match to the NSWCCC Executive Officer. This is the responsibility of the winning team.

Home and Away

The first team mentioned in the draw in Round 1 will be deemed the home team. This pattern will continue in accordance with the scaffold of the draw.


Each school may enter only one team per division.

Rules and Regulations

Failure to comply with the above rules and regulations could lead to the disqualification of any team. This will be left to the discretion of the NSWCCC Executive.
The NSWCCC Executive decision is final

Game Sheet

Click here to download Game Sheet >>

Semi Finals  and Finals

Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Valentine Sports Park, 235-257 Meurants Lane Glenwood

All Schools Football Challenge

Tuesday 8th September 2020
Valentine Sports Park, 235-257 Meurants Lane Glenwood

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