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MacKillop Diving Team


Students born 2012 -  2007 with diving experience may nominate for selection in the  MacKillop Dive Team to compete at the 2020 NSW PSSA Diving Championships. MacKillop does not hold diving selections for team selection.

3 students per division for will be selected based on experience, achievement and coach's recommendations in their nomination. Successful students will be notified via email and progressed through the system on the website.

Divisions - Springboard - 8 Years, 9 Years, 10 Years, 11 Years, 12/13 Years - Boys, Girls

                   Platform - Open - Boys, Girls

Closing Date

9 March 2020


$50 if selected for MacKillop team

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Fixtures and Results

NSW PSSA Diving Championships

Monday 6 April 2020
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre


School Sport Australia Diving Championship

Saturday 21 November - Friday 27 November 2020

Brisbane Aquatic Centre, 

Sleeman Sports Complex, Old Cleveland Road &, Tilley Rd, Chandler QLD


School Based Competitions

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