Interview with Ellen Perez

Interview with Olympian Ellen Perez

Appearing at her first Olympic games in Tokyo, former Stella Maris Catholic Primary School, Shellharbour and Corpus Christi High School Oak Flats student, Ellen Perez qualified for the quarter finals, losing to Switzerland and ending their Olympic campaign in Tokyo. 

CSNSW Sport had the fantastic opportunity to speak to Ellen about her sporting career and how the CSNSW pathway played a role; 

CSNSW Sport: Tell me about yourself and how you were involved in CSNSW Sport.

Ellen Perez: I’m 25 years old and from Shellharbour, NSW. I attended Stella Maris primary school and while there competed in school tennis. I played for MacKillop at the tryouts and made the PSSA team for NSW and competed in the Bruce cup in yrs 5 and 6. For high school I attended Corpus Christi Catholic high school and eventually moved to distance education through Karabar high school for yr 11 & 12, as I moved to Melbourne to train full time. While in high school I competed in the NSWCCC Tennis Championships.

CSNSW Sport: Did this school pathway have an impact on your professional sporting career?

Ellen Perez: For sure. It’s some of my most fond memories as a tennis player. I love any opportunity to compete and school tennis allowed me to play for something bigger then myself, travel and meet new people and see where my level is at, compared to the rest of the athletes around Australia. School tennis was some of my first bit of exposure to competition amongst what was considered the best at that time and it really helped give me the belief that I had what it took to be a professional tennis player.

CSNSW Sport: What is your most memorable sporting moment?

Ellen Perez: Competing at the Olympics. It was an amazing atmosphere and culture to just be around the village and to wear the green and gold and compete for your country. There is no greater honour and memory.

CSNSW Sport: Do you have any advice to give future Olympians coming through our pathway?

Ellen Perez: Always put your hand up to participate in events and activities in all sports. Embrace the opportunity to represent your school and even yourself and never stop believing and dreaming.

CSNSW Sport: What are your plans next? 

Ellen Perez: I want to make the fed cup team in November so I have another opportunity to play for Australia and then I’m even hungrier to compete again at the Olympics in Paris 2024.