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Date: Tuesday 21 May 2024
Venue: The Entertainment Grounds, Gosford

Asthma Guidelines

Events will be held for the following divisions: 

  • U12: Boys and Girls (Turning 12 in the year of competition)
  • U13: Boys and Girls (Turning 13 in the year of competition)
  • U14: Boys and Girls (Turning 14 in the year of competition)
  • U15: Boys and Girls (Turning 15 in the year of competition)
  • U16: Boys and Girls (Turning 16 in the year of competition)
  • U17: Boys and Girls (Turning 17 in the year of competition)
  • U18: Boys and Girls (Turning 18 in the year of competition)
  • Multi Class events: Boys and Girls (multi-age)

Approximate event distances are as follows:

  • 12 Years BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m
  • 13 Years BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m
  • 14 Years BOYS 4000m and GIRLS 4000m
  • 15 Years BOYS 4000m and GIRLS 4000m
  • 16 Years BOYS 6000m and GIRLS 4000m
  • 17 Years BOYS 6000m and GIRLS 4000m
  • 18+ Years BOYS 6000m and GIRLS 6000m (**Boys will run 8km @ CCC)
  • Multi Class BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m

Course map for 2024 (updated) please click here

Click here for 2024 Order of Events *Please be aware that the convener reserves the right to modify/change the order of events as required

Please click here for Seating plan for 2024

2024 Broken Bay Cross Country Results

12 Girls

E. Heard (MSB)
P. Brenchley (Stella Maris)
E. Cunningham (Stella Maris)

12 Boys

M. Bryant (St Paul's)
I. Caceres (St Leo's)
A. Tod (St Leo's)

13 Girls
A. Mandalic (Stella Maris)
A. Nel (Stella Maris)
H. Alexopulos (Brigidine)

13 Boys

J. Rosit (St Brigid's)
C. Perez (St Leo's)
J. Blow (St Edward's)

14 Girls

S. Polkinghorne (MSB)
L. Rigby (Stella Maris)
A. Unwin (Stella Maris)

14 Boys

B. McCarthy (St Edward's)
C. Gray (Mater Maria)
C. Fitzsimmons (Mater Maria)

15 Girls

P. Quarrell (Stella Maris)
A. Koi (Stella Maris)
A. Lyng (MSB)

15 Boys

I. Lear (St Peter's)
M. Sanchez-Nicholls (St Leo's)
S. Lund (Mater Maria)

16 Girls

J. Mead (St Joseph's)
I. Hays (MSB)
A. Gray (Mater Maria)

16 Boys

A. Armstong (Mater Maria)
K. Hackett (St Leo's)
E. Pearson (St Edward's)

17 Girls

S. Scahill (St Joseph's)
M. Links (Brigidine)
E. Searles (St Leo's)

17 Boys

I. Ryan (St Brigid's)
R. Turner (St Edward's)
O. Knapman (St Brigid's)

18 Girls

E. Shanahan (Brigidine)
D. Perez (Mercy)
I. El-Badini (Mercy)

18 Boys

T. Burn (St Peter's)
B. Slattery (MacKillop)
C. Bullock (St Brigid's)

12-14 MC Boys

D. Nunes (St Edmund's)
J. Hyde-Grofski (St Edmund's)
D. Ainscow (St Edmund's)

12-14 MC Girls

15-16 MC Boys

C. Davidson (St Edmund's)
B. Fraser (St Edmund's)
I. Jackson (St Edmund's)

15-16 MC Girls

I. Law (St Edmund's)
S. Law (St Edmund's)

17+ MC Boys

D. Teichtahl (St Edmund's)
Z. Zofrea (St Edmund's)
B. Hitchcock (St Edmund's)

17+ MC Girls

L. Fox (St Edmund's)

Boys Champion School - St Edward's College

Girls Champion School - Stella Maris College

For a list of the 2024 Broken Bay Team please click on the Cross Country Representative Team Tab

2023 Broken Bay Cross Country Results


Congratulations to the following athletes who gained selection into the 2024 Broken Bay Cross Country Team -
The students highlighted in yellow have gained selection into the NSWCCC Cross Country Team

Ainscow Dylan St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Albee McInnes Brigidine College, St Ives
Alexopulos Harper  Brigidine College, St Ives
Allen Caylon St Peters
Armstrong Asher St Edward's
Barlow Logan St Edwards's
Blow James St Edward's
Boake Fraser St Edward's
Brenchley Piper Stella Maris College
Bryant Maximus St Paul's Manly
Bullock Chase St Brigid's Catholic College
Burn Tristan St Peters Tuggerah
Caceres Ivan St Leo's Catholic College
Casey Jack MacKillop
Chandran Emilie Mount St Benedict College
Charlotte Fowler Brigidine College, St Ives
Claire Cornes Brigidine College, St Ives
Collins Conor St Leo's Catholic College
Cunningham Emily Stella Maris College
Currie-Stuart Kobi St Paul's Manly
Dampney Dustin St Paul's Manly
Davidson Cameron St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Davies Milla St Peters
Donafee Lachlan St Edward's
El-Badini Isabelle Mercy Catholic College
Elliot  Gemma  Brigidine College, St Ives
Erin Shanahan Brigidine College, St Ives
Fitzsimmons Callum  Mater Maria Catholic College
Fox Lucy St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Fraser Ben St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Frith Eva Mount St Benedict College
Gartner Makenzi Mercy Catholic College
GRAY Cooper Mater Maria Catholic College
GRAY  Ava Mater Maria Catholic College
Guerin Seth MacKillop
Hackett Kaylen St Leo's Catholic College
Harkin Bonnie Mount St Benedict College
Hays Imogen Mount St Benedict College
Heard Eleanor Mount St Benedict College
Hibbard Connor MacKillop
Hitchcock Bradley St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Hyde-Grofski Jaydon St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Jackson Isaac St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Jones Hayden St Peters
Knapman Oliver St Brigid's Catholic College
Koi Amber Stella Maris College
Law Sophia St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Law Isabella St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Lear Isaac St Peters
Lill Charlie Mercy Catholic College
List Aidan St Peters
Lund Saxon Mater Maria College
Lyng Alice Mount St Benedict College
MacMohan Jack St Brigid's Catholic College
Mancell Max Mater Maria Catholic College
Mandalic Amelia Stella Maris College
Mayhew Max St Leo's Catholic College
McCarthy Billy St Edward's
McCarthy Daniel St Edward's
Mead Jodie St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford
Mia Links Brigidine College, St Ives
Nel Andrea Stella Maris College
Nunes Daniel St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Pearson Eden St Edward's
Pepper Eli St Edward's
Perez Colin St Leo's Catholic College
Perez Keith St Leo's Catholic College
Perez Daniella Mercy Catholic College
Polkinghorne Sophie Mount St Benedict College
Quarrell Philippa Stella Maris College
Ratcliff Jensen St Peters
Rigby Lyla Stella Maris College
Rosit Jariah St Brigid's Catholic College
Ryan Isaiah St Brigid's Catholic College
Sanchez-Nicholls Marcelo St Leo's Catholic College
Scahill Bronte St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford
Scahill Sienna St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford
Scheenen Zali Mount St Benedict College
Searles Ella St Leo's Catholic College
Slattery Brodie MacKillop
Smeallie Chelsea St Leo's Catholic College
Smith Willow  St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford
Smith Liam St Peters
Snyder-Firth Jack St Paul's Manly
Soalheiro Alice Mount St Benedict College
Tait Gemma Mercy Catholic College
Teichtahl David St Edmund's College, Wahroonga
Tod Archie St Leo's Catholic College
Tonkin Freya St Leo's Catholic College
Turner Riley St Edwards's
Unwin April Stella Maris College
van Hooft Lucy Mount St Benedict College
Zofrea Zane St Edmund's College, Wahroonga

(Students highlighted in yellow have gained selection into the 2024 NSWCCC team)

2023 Broken Bay Cross Country Representative teams


Congratulations to the team of 93 secondary students who represented Broken Bay at the NSWCCC Championships at the International Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park.
There were many outstanding performances with medals awarded to:

12 Boys - Team BRONZE
13 Girls – Team BRONZE
14 Girls – Philippa Quarrell GOLD, Team GOLD
14 Boys – Team BRONZE
16 Girls – Sienna Scahill BRONZE, Team SILVER
18 Girls – Team GOLD

Multi Class:

12-14 Girls – Sophia Law GOLD
12-14 Boys – Daniel Nunes GOLD
15-16 Girls – Isabella Law GOLD
15-16 Boys – Cameron Davidson BRONZE
17+ Boys – Joseph Feather GOLD, Ben Paterson BRONZE

Full results can be found at: NSW CCC & CPS Cross Country Championships (2023) Results | MultiSport Australia

2022 Broken Bay Team

2021 Broken Bay Team

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23 Jul 2024

Good luck to our alumni Olympians at the Paris Olympics!

11 Jul 2024

MacKillop lead CSBB Girls Oz Tag Championship Domination

21 Jun 2024

Mater Maria Basketball Program Excels