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In 2024 NSWCCC will have a pathway for U15 boys and girls Volleyball athletes. To be selected you must complete an expression of interest (EOI) through the CSNSW Sport website. 

EOI's are now open and will close at 5pm on the 23rd February 2024. 

For further information please refer to the Volleyball page on the Catholic Schools NSW Sport website



Broken Bay Volleyball Championships
Date: Friday 15th November 2024
Venue: Niagara Park Stadium, 18 Washington Ave, Niagara NSW 2250


2023 Open Volleyball Draw


Open: Boys/Girls Any student Y7-11


Team Size: Maximum of 12 (6 on the court at a time)

Game Duration:

30 minutes timeslots (ie, 25 minutes playing time ie 2 x 12 minute sets)

1 minute break between sets where teams change ends. There will be a 3 minute break between each round.

Rules: unless otherwise specified below, all games will be played within International Volleyball Rules

Equipment: Teams are to provide their match own ball

Referees: Will be supplied by Central Coast Volleyball. There will be ONE central referee at each match.

Scoring: playing teams are expected to supply scorers for each game

Uniforms: School Sports Uniform 

Canteen: available

Substitutions: can be made in rotation fashion (ie Position 5 rotate off court and replacement enters at 4 (see diagram below) OR subs can be made at any position on court, however within each set, if a player has been replaced he/she can only return to court in place of the player who previously replaced him/her (injury excepted).

Time outs: - each team is allowed ONE time out per set. (HOWEVER the clock does not stop).

Serving: - after 3 successful serves by one player, the team must rotate one position (clockwise). The next player in order then serves.

Late Teams: Games will start on time. A team is deemed to have forfeited a game if they are more than five minutes late.  They can still play the game but no points will be awarded to the late team. Late for First Round Only:  if a team is late for the first round of competition due to transport problems, the game will be played with no penalty to the team if it is before the 5 minute point.  If the team arrives after the 5 minute mark it will be up to the two teams to decide whether to play or not.  If an agreement cannot be reached the game will be deemed a forfeit by the late team.

Supervision: Each school is responsible for the supervision of their teams and keeping their own area clean.

First Aid: will be available only for injuries sustained at the event no pre-event taping etc

Medals: will be awarded to the grand final winners, and runners up.

Scoring: Non-playing schools will supply a scorer. Scoring will be continuous up to the end of each set. If the siren to conclude a set sounds while a rally is being played the point WILL count at the conclusion of the rally.


Point score:

a) Win/Forfeit = 3 points

c) Loss/Forfeit = 1 point

d) Bye = 0 points

Pool Positions:

 Positions in pools are based on the total points score.

If two teams still cannot be separated the result of the match between these schools will count. If a tie occurs at the conclusion of the round, the final placings will be based on the following:

a. The school that won the previous encounter between the 2 teams in their pool match

b. Highest set difference*

c. Highest points difference*

d. Most sets won*

e. Least sets lost*

f. Set average*: Total number of sets won by the team, divided by the total number of sets lost, multiplied by 100 and divided by the actual number of matches played by that team. The total number of matches played includes a match a team has forfeited but does not include a match where a team has received a forfeit.

*Using results from pool games involving the tied teams only. If this method continues to provide a tie then all pool games will be taken into account.

Drawn Games: For pool games, drawn result stands.  For Internal Semi-finals the higher ranked team will progress. For major Semi Final and Finals, 2 minutes extra time each way will be played (ff teams are still tied in the semi-final the team finishing higher on the ladder after the round games will proceed to the Final). If a draw still occurs in the Final the two teams competing will be declared joint champions.

Congratulations to the following Champion teams for 2023:

Open Boys Champions - St Leo's
Open Boys Runners Up - St Edward's

Open Girls Champions - Mount St Benedict
Open Girls Runners Up - St Joseph's

The NSWCCC Volleyball teams are selected through individual nominations. For further information please refer to the Volleyball page on the Catholic Schools NSW Sport website

Congratulations to the following BBSSSA students who have gained selection into 2021 NSWCCC Representative Volleyball Teams - 

Marley McHugh Brigidine College, St Ives

Please click here for our code of conduct for parents, carers and other spectators attending school sporting events.


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