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Event Information

Date                                                                      Backup Date     
Thursday 9th May 2024                                      TBA


9.30 am                Official Opening

10.00am               Races Commence

Glenbawn Dam

All entry is via the gated carpark. There will be a fee for entry. Broad’s Crossing is open so take the turn at the Segenhoe Inn (Rouchel Road)

Criteria to Attend

All students must have been selected at their school level to compete at MN Diocesan Cross-Country Selections

$10 per student to be paid to your school bursar 1 week prior to the diocesan trial.

Please contact your school sport coordinator for any questions & further information.

Age Divisions (age turning in the year of competition) and event distances are as follows:-

12 Years BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m
13 Years BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m
14 Years BOYS 4000m and GIRLS 4000m
15 Years BOYS 4000m and GIRLS 4000m
16 Years BOYS 6000m and GIRLS 4000m
17 Years BOYS 6000m and GIRLS 4000m
18+ Years BOYS 8000m and GIRLS 6000m

  • Athletes in a Multi Class event (ACME)  BOYS 3000m and GIRLS 3000m

Order of Events

Please note that the championship convenor reserves the right to alter the course at any time to maximise competitor safety

Additional Information 

  • No school is permitted to leave until ALL events are finished and students/staff are off the course  
  • Teams are a maximum of 8 runners per age group. The first 8 runners will need to record their details at the finish line. The first 4 count towards the team point score
  • First 6 runners per age group are eligible for NSWCCC Cross Country Carnival  and are to notify the officials at the finish line if they are going to attend the NSWCCC event. Paperwork is to be collected at the finish line. 
  • No i-pods, ear phones or music is permitted on course to ensure safety of competitors
  • Age & gender MUST be written on upper right arm & lower left leg of competitors BEFORE starting race
  • Students are advised that the course involves hills, gully’s, sealed and unsealed roads & paths, with some of the course near water so students must stick to the course and proceed with caution
  • Students are to go to their nearest checkpoint if they are in trouble, injured or distressed. Alternatively send another runner to a checkpoint for help if required
  • Students and staff MUST bring your own water.
  • Students receive a ticket when they cross the finish line. This must be given to their team manager ASAP so that team points can be calculated.
  • All students are permitted to stay within the immediate surrounds of the Eastern Foreshore park. Warmups are permitted in the area below the park, with students taking caution not to cross the course. Team mangers are responsible for their students where-a-bouts at all times
  • No lunch break scheduled. Please ensure you eat throughout the day
  • Students compete in the age group they are turning that school year

Please find attached our top 10 runners in each age group from Diocesan Cross Country trials. The top 6 from each age group now progress to represent our diocese at CCC Selections. 


Please click here  for our code of conduct for parents, carers and other spectators attending school sporting events.