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Event Information

All students must have been selected at their regional swimming carnival to compete at MN Diocesan Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 27th February 2024

9.45 - 2.30 approximately.

NOTE: No students are to enter the pool prior to 9.00am. They must meet their regional team managers at their allocated regional area in the grandstand from 9am.

No spectator entry prior to 9am, this will be enforced by staff. Spectator fee charged by the facility is $3. Spectators are welcome but are to remain in the area outside the pool entry doors. Spectators may enter to watch the event their swimmer is competing in from the sectioned off viewing area and then will need to exit the area. This is a venue rule.

The Forum Aquatics Centre - 130 University Drive, Callaghan

The Forum parking guide Parents are requested to park in the allocated parking bays on this guide. 

There are two time slots for Parents to enter the stand and sign out their child. The First break is after the 50m Backstroke. The Second break is at the completion of the carnival. No students can be collected outside of these times. The carnival will stop for a break after the backstroke so parents have time to come in and sign their child out. Remaining students can have a food/toilet break. 

Criteria to Nominate

Entries: are on a Regional basis only. Each Region is entitled to 3 entries per event, except for relays (2).

Please note that any child turning 13 in the competing year would be ineligible to be selected in the NSW PSSA team at any PSSA championship.  The child would however be eligible to participate in the respective PSSA event (i.e. eligible to represent Polding).

Multi class swimmers:  All Multi-Class swimmers are to have completed paperwork with Classification and sent to Bernadette Duggan 1 week PRIOR to the Diocesan carnival (multiclass application).  They must be on the National Master Classification List.                                     

Eligibility: For age events a competitor is eligible for that age event for which his/her significant birthday occurs during the year. Age groupings where applicable shall be:

SENIOR 12, 13 years,

11 Years,
JUNIOR 8, 9, 10 Years
except relays & IMs which will be: SENIOR: 11, 12, 13 Years and JUNIOR 8, 9, 10 Years                                                                 
All Multi-Class events- JUNIOR 8,9,10 and SENIOR 11, 12 ,13 Years. This includes 50m freestyle event.


There are qualifying times for the individual medley. For juniors it is 4min 30 sec and for seniors it is 4 mins. For the 13yrs 50m freestyle the qualifying time is 45 secs.


 $15 per student to be paid through your schools payment system 1 week prior to the diocesan trial.

Please contact your school sport coordinator for any questions & further information.

A copy of the Order of Events will be available under “order or events/rules” 1 day prior to the carnival.

Programs will be available on the day for $2.

Congratulations to the below students who have been selected to represent our Diocese at the Polding Swimming Championships.

Please see your school sport coordinator for the progression/instruction letter.

Registrations close


Congratulations to the Following Maitland Newcastle students who will represent our diocese in the Polding Swim Team 2024: 

Please click here  for our code of conduct for parents, carers and other spectators attending school sporting events.