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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

To encourage and promote inter-school competition and diocesan spirit
To cater for the gifted and talented sporting students in the Diocese and their pursuit of excellence in their chosen sporting field
To promote quality relationships amongst students, teachers, schools and the Diocese
To provide equal opportunities, where possible, for all children who seek to participate in diocesan sporting pathways
To encourage the cohesion of teams characterized by acceptance, security, justice, happiness and an environment of growth

Primary Schools affiliated with the Maitland Newcastle Primary Schools Sports Association and CSNSW, are invited to nominate students to participate in Diocesan carnivals and trials as representatives of their school with the permission of the School Principal and school Sport Coordinator. Membership is affected by payment of the annual affiliation fee as determined by the Maitland Newcastle Primary Schools Sports Association for the particular school year.

Pope Francis notes that “sport is a privileged area around which people meet without any distinction of race, sex, religion or ideology. It is where we can experience the joy of competing to reach a common goal together, participating in a team, where success or defeat is shared and overcome”. Pope Francis reflects that sport is a very rich source of values and virtues that help us to become better people. (To Give the Best of Oneself. On the Christian Perspective of Sport and of the Human Person)

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle encourage and support students to develop positive lifelong attitudes to participation, competition and healthy living. We aim to offer a wide range of sports, equal opportunities for both males and females, a range of levels to meet the needs and interests of those with special requirements and consideration to disadvantaged groups.

Students are offered a variety of experiences and opportunities from primary through to high school to display and further develop their talents at a school and diocesan level, as well as opportunities to compete at state and national levels.

Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) coordinates a representative sports structure to offer students opportunities to compete at a range of levels. The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is part of the Polding region for primary sport.

Diocesan primary schools have sports where students have the opportunity to trial at school, regional, diocesan, Polding and PSSA levels.

Students with disabilities have the opportunity to compete in school sport events such as athletics, cross country and swimming. All students who are classified can follow the same pathway to compete at representative level.

Each year the diocese hosts Polding events such as Athletics, AFL and summer sports trials.

The ‘knockout’ competitions which schools enter are decided at a school level. For more information on the competitions at your school, please ask to speak with the school’s sport coordinator.

Member Schools by Regions:

All Saints Region
St Pauls Primary School, Rutherford
St Patrick’s Primary School,  Lochinvar
St John the Baptist Primary School, Maitland
St Joseph’s Primary School, East Maitland
St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Chisholm
Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton
Holy Spirit Primary School, Kurri Kurri
Holy Spirit Infants School, Abermain
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Tarro
St Patrick’s Primary School, Cessnock
St Joseph’s Primary School, Dungog

Central Region
St Therese’s Primary school, New Lambton
St John’s Primary School, Lambton
St Columba’s Primary School, Adamstown
St James’ Primary School, Kotara South
St Joseph’s Primary School, Merewether
Holy Family Primary School, Merewether Beach
St Patrick’s Primary School, Wallsend

Lakes Region
St Joseph’s Primary School, Kilaben Bay
St Mary’s Primary School, Warners Bay
St Francis Xavier Primary School, Belmont
St Pius X Primary School, Windale
St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea
St Paul’s Primary School, Gateshead
St Benedict’s Primary School, Edgeworth
St Kevin’s Primary School, Cardiff
Holy Cross Primary School, Glendale
St Joseph’s Primary School, Charlestown
St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset

Manning Region
Holy Name Primary School, Forster
St Joseph’s Primary School, Bulahdelah
St Joseph’s Primary School, Gloucester
St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham
St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree

North Region
St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton
St Brigid’s Primary School Raymond Terrace
St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield
St Columban’s Primary School, Mayfield
Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah
Our Lady of Victories Primary School, Shortland
St Michael’s Primary School Nelson Bay

Upper Hunter Region
St James’ Primary School, Muswellbrook
St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman
St Mary’s Primary School, Scone
St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa
St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton

Member School Sports Coordinators:

Holy Spirit Infants School, Abermain: Heather Porter Kay
St Columba’s Primary School, Adamstown: Olivia Campbell
St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Belmont: Leanne Treadwell
Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton: Mackenzie Gageler
St Joseph’s Primary School, Bulahdelah: Rhett Thomson
St Kevin’s Primary School, Cardiff: Martin Vaughan
St Patrick’s Primary School, Cessnock Cameron Dilley
St Joseph’s Primary School, Charlestown: Natalie Davies
St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Chisholm: Nicholas Redgrove
St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman: Emma Watson
St Joseph’s Primary School, Dungog: Lisa McNeilly
St Joseph’s Primary School, East Maitland: Annemarie Arkell
St Benedict’s Primary School, Edgeworth: Wayne Bailey
Holy Name Primary School, Forster: Kyla Loring
St Paul’s Primary School, Gateshead: Kate Sullivan
Holy Cross Primary School, Glendale:
St Joseph’s Primary School, Gloucester: Kylie Claire
St Joseph’s Primary School, Kilaben Bay: Anne Neems
St James’ Primary School, Kotara South: Chris Tanchevski
Holy Spirit Primary School, Kurri Kurri: Jamie Cotton
St John’s Primary School, Lambton: Rachael Miller
St Patrick’s Primary School, Lochinvar: Jack Crich
St John the Baptist Primary School, Maitland: Sara Murdoch
St Columban’s Primary School, Mayfield: Brittany Ryan
St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield:
Holy Family Primary School, Merewether Beach: Kerrie Wallace
St Joseph’s Primary School, Merewether: Nicole Charnock
St Joseph’s Primary School, Merriwa: Naomi Rodwell
St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset: Natalie Day
St James’ Primary School, Muswellbrook: Jane Dengate
St Michael’s Primary School, Nelson Bay: Deb Black
St Therese’s Primary School New Lambton: Debra Peterson
St Brigid’s Primary School Raymond Terrace: Madelaine Rae
St Paul’s Primary School, Rutherford: Paul Toomey
St Mary’s Primary School, Scone: Genevieve Cook
Our Lady of Victories Primary School, Shortland: Gerry Vandermaat
St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton: Megan Constable & Patrick Fitzgerald
St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton: Jeremy Watt
St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea: Ben McCarthy
St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree: Lisa Bourke
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Tarro: Michael Tobin
St Patricks Primary School, Wallsend: Elise Stewart
Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah: Kieran Deveridge
St Mary’s Primary School, Warners Bay: Andrew Holstein
St Pius X Primary School, Windale: Peter Bowen & Stephen Pryde
St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham: Mark Knoke