What is the representative pathway ?

What is the representative school sport pathway for Catholic Schools?


Catholic Schools NSW Sport (CSNSW Sport) is committed to providing opportunities for students to participate in school sporting programs at all levels of participation and values the importance of physical activity in enhancing educational outcomes.

The representative school sport pathway has been in existence for Catholic school students for almost 25 years and is considered an informal statewide Gifted and Talented program.   The pathway which is in place in NSW is recognised around the world as a leader in delivering school sport programs.

The school sport representative pathway relies on the progression of students through stages beginning at a school/community level before progressing through to regional, diocesan, association and finally state and national level. This is a complex process commencing at the start of each year and takes many months to coordinate as students participate and progress through each level.

The effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic have been felt throughout the education community, and many difficult choices have been made that have had significant impacts on schools and students.

Due to the requirement for at home schooling for parts of the pandemic, many schools have not had the opportunity to organise their stage of the trials process. Consequently, the representative pathway at the MacKillop/Polding/CCC and State levels cannot be conducted in terms three (3) and four (4) of the school year.

It is not possible for schools to rearrange activities at this stage of the year given limitations with venue availability and rescheduling the many educational and sporting events on a school calendar.

Additionally, current NSW Government guidelines do not allow for large scale events to be held where crowds will be in attendance. The national body, School Sport Australia, recognised this issue and officially cancelled all national events for 2020 at the conclusion of term one.

We understand your disappointment and concerns in not being able to participate in these programs during COVID-19 restrictions in 2020.

It is anticipated that, where possible, participation-based events will be scheduled and students and schools will have an opportunity to enter into sporting activities within their local school community. CSNSW Sport emphasises that ultimate responsibility for making sport related decisions resides with the relevant school authority such as the Diocese for systemic Catholic schools.