Accessing Sports related information during COVID – 19

Accessing Sports related information during COVID – 19

CSNSW hopes this information may be of assistance and emphasises that responsibility for making sport related decisions resides with the relevant school authority such as the Diocese for systemic Catholic schools.

We will look to provide updated information as it is available.

Update as at 1 July 2020

From Term 3 (or 1 July 2020) onwards, the following school sport and physical activity programs are able to recommence in schools:

·         All contact sports, semi-contact and non-contact sports

·         Inter-school sport competitions

·         Locally organised knockouts, round robins, gala days

·         School carnivals (swimming, cross country, athletics)

·         Specialist coaching programs in selective settings

All sport or physical activity conducted must meet all recommendations listed in the Sport Safety Guidelines including teacher/student ratios. All activities should follow safe health practice guidelines.

Where possible, the mixing of students from different schools when not participating in the activity should be minimised. Staff supervising sport and physical activities should continue to practise physical distancing between staff and other adults (for example, at recreational venues).

Spectators, including parents and carers, are not permitted within school grounds or at sporting events held during school hours.

Schools can recommence use of external sporting grounds, swimming pools (including hydrotherapy pools) and community facilities where schools have exclusive use of the facilities or a designated area, and where contact with the general public can be minimised.

Although restrictions in relation to external sporting providers such as gyms, health centres, and bowling alleys are relaxing, some restrictions may continue in these facilities. When planning sport and physical activities, schools will need to negotiate with local venues regarding restrictions including for example, there may be a maximum number of people permitted to use a facility or join a class. Although school activities can resume, schools may need to consider their arrangements so that they comply with external venue restrictions.

Bus/school transport to/from venues is permitted. Students should sanitise before and after travelling on the bus. Where practical, schools are advised to negotiate with the bus company to implement cleaning protocols prior to student travel.

Sharing of sporting and physical activity equipment, such as fitness equipment and weights, is permitted, and should follow safe health practice guidelines including cleaning of equipment at the end of each session. Students should use their own towels.

The use of public change rooms should be avoided wherever possible. On sport day, students should come to school wearing their sport uniform and appropriate footwear where possible.

External providers can be used for the delivery of sport and physical activity programs. External sporting organisations can run programs for students on the school site.

COVID-19 Safety Plan – Public health orders

·         The public health orders state than an organiser of a community sporting activity that involves a gathering of more than 20 participants must:

(a) develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan that addresses the matters required by the COVID-19 safety checklist approved by the Chief Health Officer for community sporting competitions and published on the New South Wales Government website (; and

(b) keep a copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer as requested.

·         The organiser of a community sporting activity must ensure that a gathering for the activity involves no more than 500 participants. Please note that there is a potential exemption for holding sport events at a school for over 500 people which does not include members of the community in addition to staff and students. CSNSW strongly recommends that the school's local authority such as the relevant Diocese should be consulted before holding such an event.

Please note participants include those engaged in the sporting activity, any official involved in the conduct or organisation of the sporting activity and any  spectators of the sporting activity.

While there has been some confusion about the overlap of school / community sport events – CSNSW believes that when holding school sport especially inter-school sport, it would be prudent for schools to make this part of their risk assessment noting that many Councils are requiring this as a prerequisite for making bookings to their facilities. Please contact your diocese if you have further queries in regard to this.  

COVID-19 Safety Plan for a gym, health or dance studio, martial arts facility, pool, sauna or spa, indoor sports or community sports facility

COVID-19 Safety Plan Effective 1 July 2020 Community sporting competitions and full training activities

COVID-19 Safety Plan Effective 1 July 2020 swimming pools (including spa pools, saunas and steam rooms)

COVID-19 Safety Plan Effective 1 July 2020 Indoor recreation facilities